Jaar Corporate Solutions


Market Entry Support and Sustainability

  • Business development/Strategy consultancy  
  • Business partner search (incl. end customers, commercial agents and distributors)  
  • Investor consulting  
  • Consultancy on required certification and standards to penetrate new markets  
  • Consultancy on sustainability requirements in the EU incl. risk analysis and impact assessment, training, gap assessments, performance measurement, adaptation of internal processes and reporting 
  • Company foundation and structuring  
  • Virtual Office in Office-solutions with individualized integrated services (virtual sales desk etc.)  
  • Corporate presentations, press conferences and media support 

Corporate Finance & Enterprise Risk Management

  • Investment Appraisal   
  • Budgeting and forecasting   
  • Financial reporting analysis  
  • Review and Formulation of Internal controls, Policies, procedures, SOP’s, KPI’s and   dashboards    
  • Risk mapping and mitigation strategies (ERM)  

Legal support & Regulatory Services

  • Licensing, approvals, registrations Support during engagement with regulators (From setting up to entire business process)   
  • Implementation and ongoing compliance monitoring support 
  • Regulatory audits and routine compliance health check ups  
  • Advice on compliance with statutory and regulatory framework 
  • All Documentation 

Legal support & Regulatory Services

  • Market & Development research 
  • Industry analysis 
  • Data analytics 
  • Economic forecasts 
  • Project appraisal 
  • Project management 

Our Approach

  • No Confusion & Convincing   
  • Data Driven Decision Making  
  • Innovative Solutions   
  • Health checks & Value propositions
  • Simple and adoptable